Daniel Defense Rail Cover Picatinny

Daniel Defense Rail Cover Picatinny


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Original Daniel Defense Picatinny Rail Cover

Nicht passend für Key-Mod System!

Inhalt: 3 Stück mit einer Länge von je 17,8cm 

The Daniel Defense Rail panels are made from Santoprene, which is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300 degrees, shielding your hand from excess heat while protecting your rail system. They feature Daniel Defense’s signature pattern and provide a rubbery grip surface for a reliable hold in all weather conditions.  Each panel is 7 inches long and can be cut to desired length to work around rail mounted grips and accessories or to fit any picatinny rail system.  Available in Black and include three panels to a package.

 *Fits 1913 (Picatinny) rail systems only - Will not fit KeyMod rail systems*


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