Timney Abzug für Mosin Nagant

Hersteller TIMNEY

Artikel-Nr.: SG10440


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104,95 € *

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Original Timney Abzug für Mosin Nagant

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- Abzugsgewicht einstellbar von ~690g bis ~2070g

- hergestellt aus Aluminium 6061-T6

Timney has been asking shooters and hunters, "What trigger would you like us to build next?" The response has been incredible and thanks to our customers, some awesome triggers have been built. The Mosin Nagant, our first "Customer's Choice" trigger is now available for purchase. The Mosin-Nagant features a trigger blocking side safety, adjustable trigger pull weight - 1.5 to 4 pounds with heat treated components assembled in a lightweight alloy housing.


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