Geissele Hi-Speed National Match DMR Abzug

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Produktinformationen "Geissele Hi-Speed National Match DMR Abzug"

Original Geissele Automatics National Hi-Speed Match DMR Abzug für AR15

The Geissele Hi-Speed Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) trigger is designed for hunting, tactical and military use where both accuracy and robustness are critical. As an adjustable trigger, the DMR allows the first and second stage weight distribution, total pull weight, over travel and sear engagement all to be tuned to the shooters preference. The DMR trigger gives the perfect combination for high-stress, precision tactical shooting and Squad Designated Marksmen applications.

Abzugsgewicht (einstellbar):

1st Stage       1150g bis 1656g

2nd Stage      230g bis 690g

Total               1380g bis 2346g



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