Lone Wolf "Pro Pick" Abzugs/Trigger Kit 9mm/Gen4

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Lone Wolf USA Pro Pick Abzugsit güt Glock 9mm / Gen4

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These items combined will give the end user a great feeling Glock trigger with minimal effort. The parts can be easily installed by most Glock owners in minutes. Learning how to access the trigger group allows shooters to customize and fine tune their trigger feel.

The included "reduced power" firing pin spring will provide a smoother/easier trigger pull. It should be noted that the 4 lb spring can cause misfires so if it is used you MUST prove its reliability and shoot several hundred rounds without incidence. The combination of this spring with a 6# trigger spring can possibly cause trigger reset/safety engaging issues. If this happens you'll need to swap back to either a 5# trigger spring or firing pin spring.


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