Pachmayr A-ZOOM Pufferpatronen (Kurzwaffe)


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Produktinformationen "Pachmayr A-ZOOM Pufferpatronen (Kurzwaffe)"

Pachmayr A-Zoom Pufferpatronen / Snapcaps

Das Original aus den USA! Erste Wahl bei Behörden und professionellen Schützen!

Mit gepufferter Schlagfläche

Material: Aluminium / eloxiert

In diversen Kaliber

Inhalt: 5 Stück

About A-Zoom

Ideal for safety training, function testing, or safe de-cocking without damage to the firing pin, A-Zoom's patented line of precision metal snap caps were introduced in 2000 to meet the growing demand for high-quality training rounds for shooters, hunters, law enforcement professionals, and the military. Unlike traditional plastic snap caps, A-Zoom's are individually CNC-machined to precise cartridge dimensions from solid aluminum, then anodized with a hard coat finish that provides smooth function and long life.


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